looking for perfection in everything I do

I'm so sorry
Please forgive me
For knowing that I'm wrong but insisting I'm right
For wanting everything to be either black or white
For wallowing in self-pity, confessing all my sins
For studying my thoughts till my head caves in
For all the things I've said but regret so much now
For all the things I should have said but I couldn't somehow
For all the times I've meant them
And I've known them for so long
But I still get endings wrong

I'm so sorry
Please forgive me

For trying to be all things to all men
For shelving my objectives time and time again
For looking for perfection in everything I do
When really I need only look as far as you
For demanding to be loved by someone who
Then dispatching quietly over a pint of beer
Well yeah, I did it without malice
And I did it without shame
But I did it just the same

I'm so sorry
Please forgive me

For coming home from work in the middle of the night
For waking you up with the bathroom light
For wanting to touch you with these cold cold hands
For wanting to have you just because I can
For always running from an argument
When I ought to stand and fight
For suppressing my emotions
'cause I'm too goddamn polite
and then for thinking that by simply saying sorry
I could suddenly make everything alright

I'm so sorry please forgive me...
I'm so sorry please forgive me...

Rene Zondag 29 April 2012 at 6:00 pm | | Smurf
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Na vijfendertig seconden was het over en uit…

Sjoerd, (URL) - 29-04-’12 21:04

Het nummer kende ik nog niet, tekst is leuk, maar de muziek is niet mijn ding… Heb betere gehoord….

jager, (URL) - 29-04-’12 22:17
Di Mario

Je voelt dat wanhoop in het nummer omdat de perfectie er niet is….

Love As always
Di Mario

Di Mario, (URL) - 29-04-’12 22:19

Nee, geen muziek met een plezierig deuntje, het is mij te lawaaiig.

frank-103, (URL) - 29-04-’12 22:55

sorry mijn muziek niet
fijne koninginnedag

linda , (URL) - 29-04-’12 23:09

Ja hoor , ik vergeef hem dat hij niet perfect is …wie is dat wél ! Ik kende het nummer niet ,het stoort me niet !

rietepietz, (URL) - 01-05-’12 19:33
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